Super Cow Teat Foam

The research team at Milk Solutions Ltd has developed SUPER COW TEAT FOAM with a clear objective of improving milk quality by more effective udder hygiene. An effective udder hygiene routine requires pre and post milking practices that work effectively to maximise bacterial kill and promote exceptional skin condition.

What Is Super Cow Teat Foam

Super Cow Teat Foam is a new revolutionary product developed after intensive research over three years. The product has been used on fifty farms in Ireland during 2009 and both cell count and teat condition evaluations have been implemented. It enables the farmer to choose one product for both pre and post milking teat disinfection routines.

Effective and Rapid Bacteria Kill

Super Cow Teat Foam is based on a number of biocide products which together produce a rapid acting, non irritating germicide composed of biguanide compounds. This unique biocide system is effective against wide spectrum of bacterial organisms particularly staph aureus bacteria. Teagasc has proved in trials that Super Cow Teatfoam has a big impact on reducing bacterial numbers when compared to other disinfectant products. In these trials teats had infinite numbers of Staphococcol bacteria present prior to disinfection with “Supercow teatfoam” and after disinfection 60% of teats had no bacteria present and overall 90% of teats had very low counts of bacteria. These positive results were achieved by teat spraying the dry teats with disinfectant and after a period of contact (20-30 seconds) the teats were dry wiped with individual paper towels.

SUPER COW TEATFOAM teat disinfectant adheres well to teat skin, providing a persistent anti microbial activity over time and all without detriment to the teat skin.

SUPER COW TEATFOAM has passed the European suspension test EN1656 at reduced contact times (30 seconds) against mastitis causative organisms.

Flexibility Of Use

Whether used for pre or post teat treatment, SUPER COW TEATFOAM can be applied by dip, spray or foam methods without dilution.

SUPER COW TEATFOAM contains top quality emollients plus the unique and natural product eucalyptus oil. Together they produce an effective, non irritating skin conditioning system to promote healthy smooth teat skin. By using SUPER COW TEATFOAM farmers can be confident that their udder health programme will maximise udder protection with highly effective bacterial kill and exceptional skin care.